Piana di Castello

Piana di castello - concept
In addition, solar panels are provided to capitalise on the abundance of solar energy in the region. In conjunction with a grey water recycling system, rainwater will be collected and reused for ground water recharge and landscape irrigation.

The use of recycled building materials and the creation of an ecological corridor alongside water and landscape are key features of this approach. An integrated transport and land use strategy is also important to the success of the project to help minimise the reliance on private vehicles and to reinforce connections with the city. The tramlink to central Florence will be diverted into the development, extended along a new major development spine. Local buses will link parking areas at the perimeter of the site with the hubs of the neighbourhoods.

This previously unoccupied agricultural area will be transformed into a mixed use quarter to exploit its proximity to the airport, the city and panoramic views of the Florentine Mountains.

The scheme capitalises the local climate by its use of renewable energy sources, the creation of habitat, and an integrated public transport system that is central to the design.