1201 K Street

1201 K Street - Concept

RSHP’s approach involves acknowledging the easement requirement imposed by a neighbouring building, by creating a ‘set-off’ from the adjacent building. The easement requirement is taken as a negative volume, expressed as glass exhibition spaces and mezzanines.

The lifts are separated from the building’s floor plate, adjoining the easement set-off, and bringing natural light to the lift core and egress stairs. This ‘good neighbour’ approach of separating the new and existing buildings permits shared natural light between the buildings, and goes beyond a literal interpretation of the easement, treating it as a positive factor rather than a negative restriction.

Tenant flexibility is critical to the concept, directly informing the internal clarity of the building. The concept resists placing the core at the building’s centre; instead, the core is situated next to the easement set-off – thereby creating a full, unobstructed floor plate (40 sq m by 42 sq m), giving flexibility in fit-out and organisation.

To enhance the building’s flexibility further, connectivity between floors is introduced by way of a defined central zone (7m by 30m). Known as the ‘soft zone’, this area is comprised of small, removable pre-cast concrete planks, allowing a series of atria to be developed throughout the height of the building.

Early studies of façade types explored the use of triple-glazed systems, expressed solar shading, and evacuated façades. The project aspiration is to achieve a LEED Silver certification. As a way of achieving this, alternative mechanical systems, such as chilled beams and chilled ceilings, are being studied. Other sustainable features will be energy-efficient on-floor plant, and tenant-controlled use of partially naturally-ventilated spaces. In addition, the roof level will be a fully-accessible green terrace.

The entry galleria is designed for multiple tenancies, employing the use of sky-lobbies as a way of creating memorable reception areas for key tenants.

The building will be a forerunner to completely new concepts in flexible office usage – for example open-plan arrangements with flexible conference areas, instead of a traditional layout of segregated cubicles. The emphasis will be on daylight, views, connectivity and employee interaction. This is highlighted in a unique space which will be the building’s ‘iconic statement’ – a multiple-height space with views to Franklin Park.

4.5 levels of below-grade car park will accommodate 190 cars, and a three-bay loading dock will accommodate flexible tenancies as well as a four-star restaurant.

Dependant on tenant leasing, the ‘soft zone’ will accommodate multiple tenancies, each with their own ability to develop vibrant and animated spaces, bringing natural light into the depth of the building.