Metropolitana Linea 1 Capodichino

Metropolitana Linea 1 Capodichino - Concept

The new scheme positions the underground station at the heart of the airport. This will help to reduce the walking distance between the train platforms and the entrances to the departure and arrival terminals. The wide roof section over the new pedestrian piazza helps to define routes into and out of the station, and encourages passengers to descend to the trains below or to move from the platforms to the piazza above. The elliptical ‘well’ which is a central focus of the station’s design, is animated by the vertical movement of passengers.

Colour-coded escalators help to orientate and channel passenger flows through the station. The roof which covers this ‘well’ allows natural light to penetrate deep into the internal space of the station, as well as allowing natural ventilation to circulate throughout the building. It also provides protection from sunlight and rain for the piazza, creating a public space which offers a safe, protected environment for passengers travelling between the station and the airport.

Metropolitana Linea 1 has been designed to connect all transport types across Naples by offering a series of ‘hubs’ along the route allowing passengers to change for rail, airline, bus and ferry services at different stations. This, in turn, will help to reduce reliance on car journeys and encourage more people in the city to use public transport.

The roof design is mirrored at ground level to provide on-the-ground route-finding for passengers entering and leaving the station.

Capodichino station has been designed to utilise natural ventilation as much as possible. In addition, the roof structure – covered in Ethyltetrafluroethylene (ETFE) – offers a transparency similar to that of glass but a far higher level of insulation and protection from UV light. Within the station, the use of natural lighting is maximised and artificial lighting is controlled using sensors.

Signage across the piazza area which is covered by the roof, and within the station itself has been designed with the potential to be adapted depending on changing passenger demands in the future.

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