Nuevo Centro Civico Scandicci

Scandicci masterplan

The compact city, which is easily accessible offers opportunities to live work and play

Concept 1 - Cultural building becomes a catalyst for new public activities in the heart of Nuevo Centro Civico Scandicci

Concept 2: By raising the cultural building, the piazza, the tram station and adjacent parking areas become naturally integrated

The new piazza is the focal point for the new and existing buildings, including the tramstation

Concept sketch showing the raised cultural centre. A large window opens the view across the piazza towards the Tuscan hills.

'The big living room' is the main public room of the cultural centre, giving generous view across the Piazza

Site plan of Nuovo Centro Civico Scandicci

Perspective sketch for the new Scandicci tram station

Concept sketch, office building, arrival at Scandicci

Piazza, Scandicci New Center

Arrival by tram to Scandicci through a gateway formed by the office and cultural building

Tram station, Scandicci

Model - as viewed from the west

Model - view from the north