Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport

RRP was asked to design the New Midfield Dock at Zurich International Airport - a new international satellite building served by a below-apron transit system from the existing International Terminal, to include 16 -18 gates, immigration controls, retail and C.I.P. lounges.

The control tower site lines constrained the height of the structure, which is high at the centre and low at the perimeter. This facilitated minimal glazing and maximum daylighting efficiency. The elliptical form is made up of pre-fabricated components, allowing repetitive standardised assembly using sustainable materials.

The departure lounges are capable of subdivision allowing for EU and non - EU passengers to be segregated. Baggage handling is centralised in the main terminal, with apron level to accommodating technical cargo functions and coaching points. Transfer, plant and offices are located at arrivals level while the upper departures level includes all retail, catering, C.I.P. and passenger lounges. The aircraft bridges are externally located and are designed to be easily moveable.

The building features a low- energy air conditioning system facilitated through the double skin envelope.

Location Zurich, Switzerland
Uses Category Transport
Completion Date 1991
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership

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