Hesperia Hotel & Conference Centre

Hesperia Hotel & Conference Centre - Concept

The building is arranged as an L-shape, with the hotel tower forming the upright of the ‘L’ and the conference auditorium with its associated support facilities and the sports centre forming the lower element, with a dramatic 30 metre high glazed atrium connecting the two. Poised on the top of the tower, the main restaurant is accommodated in a glazed ‘bubble’ with far reaching views across the city.

As part of the planning permission, a 20,000 square metre park for the use of the community forms an integral part of the design. The park incorporates a large lake which is overlooked by the conference centre and sports complex and forms a link between the new development and an existing adjacent park.

The brownfield site, ten kilometres west of Barcelona, lies adjacent to la Gran Via, a busy motorway that leads out to the airport and which is to be transformed into an attractive new boulevard. The scheme will introduce a mixture of uses into an established area, the centrepiece being a 105-metre high, 27-storey flagship hotel tower.

A new public park for the use of the wider community forms a major part of the design.