Madrid Barajas Airport

The project for Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport was won in competition by a consortium of Richard Rogers Partnership, the Spanish practice Estudio Lamela and two engineering companies TPS (UK) and Initec in 1997. The client, the Spanish National Airports Authority (AENA), commissioned the architects to design a new facility as part of their major expansion plans for the existing Madrid Barajas Airport.  Barajas, first opened in 1933 and subsequently extended several times, became over-stretched and the need for a new site with a terminal, satellite, ancillary buildings and two new run ways in the north-west was identified.

The new terminal will establish Madrid as a major European hub, and consolidate its position as the focal connection between Europe and Latin America. Passenger numbers are expected to outstrip Schipol in the Netherlands, Europe's second largest airport, in five years time. The main components of the design include parking facilities, a terminal building and a satellite or midfield terminal building, totalling some one million square metres and capable of handling 35 million passengers a year. The design team was also required to incorporate automatic baggage handling systems, automatic people movers to connect the terminal with the satellite, as well as a train and metro station.

Up to 40 boarding gates for schengen passengers directly attached to the terminal, were a prerequisite of the competition brief.  The satellite was to provide for international passengers and some schengen traffic.  As schengen traffic needs to be kept separate from international traffic, a third level was required and a number of 'swing stands' that could serve all 3 areas in such a way as to handle both international and schengen passengers.

Project data
Location Madrid-Barajas, Spain
Type Transport
Tender 1997
Design 1998 - 1999
Construction 2000 - 2005
Operation 2006
Full Operation 2010
Built Area
Terminal 470,000m²
Satellite 315,000m²
Car Park 309,000m²
Access Roads 64,000m²
Total 1,158,000m²
Terminal 670,000,000 euros
Satellite 400,000,000 euros
Car Park 168,000,000 euros
Total 1,238,000,000 euros
Total includes construction costs for the buildings (structure, finishes, services), the expenses for the infrastructures and access roads outside of the buildings are not included
Total Plan Barajas 6,000,000,000 euros
Total includes all of the external roads and services that link the new buildings to the main infrastructure networks
Client AENA
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership
(RRP / Studio Lamela) José Aguilar, Emilia Alonso, David Ardill, Adolfo Arellano, Andrés Arellano, Enrique Azpilicueta, Kenta J. Bacas, Mercedes Barbero, Neus Barbosa, Louise Barnett, Stephen Barrett, Michael Barth, Susana Blanes, Stuart Blower, Mercedes Bolín, David Bottos, Ed Burgess, Torsten Burkhardt, Almudena Bustos, Javier Calvo, Ana Carbonero, Juanjo Carrancedo, Sònia Castellò, Paco Chocano, Eva Clark, Andrew Clarkson, Pablo Codesido, Sebastián Collado, Iván Cordero, Miguel Ángel Cordero, Phaedra Corrigan, Alicia Cortell, Dan Crane, Marta Cumellas, Cathie Curran, John Denehy, Hilde Depuyt, José Carlos Díez, Concha Estaban, Javier Esteban, Elantha Evans, Mike Fairbrass, Andrés Fernández, Leo Fernández, Sara Fernández, Ricardo Fuentes, Harvinder Gabhari, Iván García, Jason García, Raúl García, Rosa García, Victor García, Marta García-Haro, Courtney Goldsmith, Juan Manuel Gómez, Ignacio González, Jorge González, Pedro González, Lucy Gould, Sera Grubb, Lennart Grut, Carmen Gundín, Ivan Harbour, Javier Hernández, Jesús Hernández, Sergio Hernández, José Julián Horcajo, Amo Kalsi, Jorge Keipo, Kazu Kofuku, Tom Lacey, Juan Laguna, Carlos Lainer, Matthew Lake, Antonio Lamela, Carlos Lamela, Ronald Lammers van Bueren, Stig Larsen, James Leathem, Marcus Lee, Tomás Llamas, César López, Francisco López de Blas, Javier López, Isabel Lorenzo, Avtar Lotay, John Lowe, Erick Maas, Rachel McGovern, Annette Main, Élida Margitic, Carmen Márquez, Francisco Martin, Steve Martin, Andrés Martínez, Tim Mason, Natalie Mayes, David Morales, Pedro Morales, Julio Moreno, Paz Moya, Jesús Municio, Javier Muñiz, Paul Nelson, Beatriz Olivares, Caireen O'Hagan, Tamiko Onozawa, Raquel Ortega, Iván Pajares, Louise Palomba, Jorge Palomero, Richard Paul, Inma Pedregosa, Adolfo Preus, Pablo Querol, Olga Ramírez, Matt Rees, Claudia Rieradevalle, Richard Rogers, Francisco Rojo, Andrei Saltikov, Inés Salvatierra, Cristina Sánchez, Francisco Sanjuán, Laureano Sanz, Birgit Schlösser, Patricia Sendin, Ana Serrano, Simon Smithson, Hugo Soriano, Neil Southard, Kirsti Stock, Carlos Temprano, Jochen Tombers, Andrew Tyley, Yoshi Uchiyama, Eva Utrera, Joselina Vago, Verónica van Kesteren, Joaquín Vaquero, Patricia Vázquez, Laura Vega, Susana Vega, Isabel Vergara, Luis Vidal, Laura Villa, Dan Wright, John Young, Ignacio Zamorano, Nick Zervoglos
Co-Architect Estudio Lamela
Acoustic Consultant Sandy Brown Associates
Airport Consultant Initec / TPS
Facade Engineer Arup
Fire Engineer Warrington Fire Research Consultants
Landscape Architect dosAdos
Lighting Consultant Arup / Speirs and Majors Associate
Main Contractor Terminal UTE; Satellite UTE; car park DRAGADOS; baggage handling Siemens Dematic
Quantity Surveyor Hanscomb Ltd / Gabinete
Services Engineer TPS / INITEC
Structural Engineer Anthony Hunt Associates / TPS with OTEP / HCA