3 World Trade Center

The commission to design 175 Greenwich Street (‘Tower 3’) on the World Trade Centre site in Manhattan, New York, was awarded to RRP in May 2006 by Silverstein Properties. British architects Fosters and Partners, as well as Japanese practice Maki & Associates, were also awarded commissions to design neighbouring towers on the site, which will be anchored by the so-called ‘Freedom Tower’ designed by New York-based architectural practice, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. The opportunity to renew an internationally significant site by designing distinctive buildings that will be a fitting tribute to the past but that also look to the future is one of  the highest profile architectural challenges in the world.

The architectural concept for 175 Greenwich Street – in common with the Freedom Tower and Towers 2 and 4 – had to be realised as part of the wider context of the WTC Masterplan. Each tower had to represent a resolution of the varying requirements of the New York Port Authority and the client, Silverstein Properties. 175 Greenwich Street will be on a site bounded by Greenwich Street to the west, Church Street to the east, Dey Street to the north and Cortlandt Street to the south. It will be opposite the proposed WTC Memorial and Cultural Centre and at the heart of the cluster of buildings which surround the Memorial site. The brief for 175 Greenwich Street outlined the building’s function as the site’s commercial core. The tower had to address the issue of balancing retail and office space, while also complementing and acknowledging the WTC memorial.


Project data
Location New York, USA
Type Office
Dates 2006 -
Client Silverstein Properties Inc.
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership
Elena Arzua Tourino, Daniel Crane, Mike Davies, Simon Davis, Philip Dennis, Lennart Grut, Nick Hancock, Dennis Ho, Jon Mercer, Beatriz Olivares, Richard Paul, Tosan Popo, Georgina Robledo, Richard Rogers, Neil Southard, Simon Williams-Gunn
Architect of Record Adamson Associates
Adamson Team  
Vikram Balaram, Alexandre Boulanger, Ann Daniel, David Jansen, Shuan Liu, Alfred Moreno, Linda Namrud, Sam Nicolini, Christopher Olak, Nitasha Rajora, Goran Rakocevic, Alex Richter, Jae Park, Jonathan Ring, Stephen Tsou, Michie Yahagi, Nick Zigomanis
Structural Engineer WSP Cantor Seinuk
Dynamic Loading Consultants Weidlinger Associates Incorporated
Security Consultants Ducibella Venter & Santore
Robert Ducibella, Philip Santore
Service Engineers Jaros Baum & Bolles Consulting Engineers
Digital Vizualisation Team Macarie, dbox, Giroud Pichot
Model Maker Kandor, Radii
Model Photography Eamonn O'Mahony