8 Chifley

8 Chifley - Design

On a prominent, north-facing site, 8 Chifley will be 30 storeys tall, with a five storey entrance plaza at its base.  The office spaces across 21 levels are connected by a series of adaptable two and three storey interlinked vertical ‘villages’. These villages (ranging from 1,800 to 2,600 m²) provide the building with a high degree of flexibility. These villages create a variety of individual workspace environments which allow privacy and interaction between individuals. This hollowing out of floor space within the tower allows for redistribution of space higher up the building where better views can be enjoyed. The design creates an environment in tune with demands of contemporary office trends, where technology is the driver and attributes of the home begin to come into the workplace.

At level 18 the village square forms the social heart of the building. This three-storey landscaped space contains a glass pavilion for all weather use. The profiled roof allows level 30 to take on similar qualities to the loggia spaces at ground level and at level 18. Framed by a wind permeable structure which neutralise the wind load, the light structure provides shading to the terrace whilst allowing an open character.

A wide ranging strategy of effective water reduction, reduced CFC emissions, off site manufacture and the use of sustainably-sourced materials will result in 8 Chifley being one of the greenest buildings in Sydney. These include: louvred sunscreens on the north west and west façades; a tri-generation system for onsite electricity generation; gas powered CHP; blackwater treatment and rainwater recycling systems and sub-floor chilled air conditioning which together are aiming to exceed 6* certification.