Campus Palmas Altas

Campus Palmas Altas - Construction

The original competition brief established a very demanding construction budget of €848 per m². From the outset, a number of key elements were identified as the basis for creating a workplace which demonstrated a strong emphasis on quality, in particular: the façades; the planting; the external paving to the plaza and the public spaces at ground level; and the false ceiling. The interior spaces are essentially defined by the façade and false ceiling, whilst the exterior areas are defined by the paving and planting. The other building elements adopt a very basic and economic form of construction. Once construction was underway, RSHP was able to secure some additional funding for the chilled beam system on the basis of a detailed life-cycle analysis of costs which demonstrated that the costs incurred would be recuperated within the life-span of the system.

For the plaza, the aim was to design a space which appears to form the ground level of the development, even though it is, in fact, a raised deck. The small changes in levels which work their way through the plaza help greatly in creating a feeling of ‘place’, as does the fissure that runs down the centre of the development. This is the only area of the site which does not have any buildings on or below it and thereby permits the planting of large, mature trees.

Working with the manufacturer, we adapted the cladding design to enable it to be modularised. This approach significantly streamlined an extremely demanding construction programme and the period from the casting of the first columns on the ground slab to the time when the company President moved into his office was just 20 months.