Campus Palmas Altas

Entrance to Campus Palmas Altas

The buildings are arranged to either side of a central space which is made up of interconnected terraces and plazas.

Campus Palmas Altas from the perimeter

Office building

Modularised façades enabled faster, more economic manufacture and construction.


Arcades provide shaded routes between the buildings

A series of terraces, each with their own character, link the buildings

Louvred facades minimise solar gain to the offices

Layers of shading and facade help to reduce solar gain to the offices

Underground parking links to the terraces above, increasing the opportunity for social encounters in the business park

Layers of louvres and shades create a cool environment

Staff amenities including a creche, canteen and doctors surgery are provided on site

Self-shading between buildings reduces the impact of the sun

Entrance to the park at dusk

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