Private Residences, Singapore

Private Residences, Singapore - Completed

Aluminium panels are used to clad the upper portion of the rear façade of the main house, powder rooms and primary stair core. The primary steelwork is finished in pearl night blue, the secondary steelwork in stove black reminiscent of the colour palette used in Richard Rogers’ own home in London. The private upper floors are finished in solid timber while all other floors are finished with white French limestone to match the rear façades and retaining walls.  The wet areas are finished in Italian marble and granite.

The buildings are primarily steel-framed structures with concrete shear infill walls, where required. The main house stability system is anchored by the lift and stair core which provides lateral stability. The principal façades are full-height aluminium framed glass. These maximise internal views across the site, with the exception of the rear façades along the boundary walls which provide additional privacy from neighbouring properties. The lower rear façade and landscaped walls are clad in white French limestone.

The floor-to-ceiling heights are 3.3 metres throughout, ensuring that natural light is able to penetrate the buildings easily. Fixed solar shading ensures that the internal areas of the houses are protected from the glare of sunlight.  This is achieved by the extensive roof overhangs on all three buildings as well as additional planting canopies on the two larger houses.

All the buildings have automated windows, allowing them to be opened for the natural circulation of air. A series of planted terraces has been formed around the main house, including herb and flower gardens with waterfalls and relaxation areas which become, in effect, an extension to the living spaces. Dense tree planting and other vegetation has been planted along the perimeter of the whole site and throughout the central garden to help to provide privacy and screening from the road and neighbouring properties.

The family took ownership of the house in 2010.

The roof of the main house has integrated solar panels. Rainwater is collected from the roof to be used for irrigating the garden areas.

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