Piana di Castello

Piana di Castello - design

A mixed use development is organised along a curvilinear north–south spine, with the majority of the development located on the north-eastern side outside the flight. A new park is located in the southern half of the site, with distinctive landscape features such as mounding, breeze valleys, acting as sound and visual barriers and sunken plaza . A new wetland area will be created on the western edge of the site to provide on-site water treatment and wildlife habitat, it will also act as a noise and landscape buffer between the development and the airport.

The development is organised into small neighbourhoods capable of accommodating various uses. Key commercial neighbourhoods are located at the centre of the development whilst predominantly residential quarters are located to the north and south of the spine. A hierarchy of public spaces ranging from the 80 hectare public park, small local parks, vibrant urban piazza’s and quiet garden courtyards serve to link the various neighbourhoods as well providing a valuable public amenity. All of the public spaces incorporate dedicated pedestrian and bicycle routes.

The curvilinear central spine serves as a distinctive feature of the masterplan, around which all of the major elements are organised.

A series of new public spaces serve to link the various neighbourhoods as well as providing important recreation facilities for inhabitants and visitors.

The scheme capitalises the local climate by its use of renewable energy sources, the creation of habitat, and an integrated public transport system that is central to the design.

The precise mix of uses, building mass, open space, parking and access can be modified to suit different levels of demand over time.

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