Eindhoven Masterplan

Eindhoven Masterplan

The redundant Philips R+D gated campus Strijp S encloses some 24 hectares on a site just inside the ringroad to the north-west of Eindhoven. As Philips moves its operation to Amsterdam, the site, retaining its historical buildings, is proposed as a new urban district complementing the city centre while offering something new in terms of mixed use development.

460,000 m² of mixed-use/ mixed tenure includes apartments, town houses, offices and live work units, retail, hotel, catering and leisure with a regional opera house - this development will encourage a 24/7 lifestyle for Eindhoven.

A new civic square forms an entrance piazza, overlooked by a residential tower and a focus for café life, and connected to the city centre by bus and rail. A contrasting green public open space with art gallery, kindergarten and sports facilities in water landscape which integrates environmental systems, forms a new setting for the converted warehouse buildings. A "design square" addresses the historical Philips Clocktower building, a landmark structure on the ring road and railway junction. This will house start up businesses, specialist retail outlets and a design centre.

The development will have a new identity and become a destination for visitors while improving connections to the existing residential and commercial neighbourhoods. Pedestrian and cycle movement is encouraged throughout.

Location Eindhoven, Holland
Type Masterplanning
Date 2001
Client MAB Services B.V.
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership