Urban Task Force

Urban Task Force

UTF mission statement

To identify causes of urban decline, to recommend solutions that will bring people back into our cities and to establish a vision for urban regeneration based on the principles of:
• design excellence
• social well-being
• environmental responsibility
• within a viable economic and legislative framework

In 1998 Richard Rogers was invited to chair a Government Task Force charged with translating sustainable urban development principles into strategic advice for planning authorities in England. The Urban Task Force was faced with 3 specific urban challenges:
• decline of regional inner-city areas and communities
• an official prediction of a requirement for 4 million additional households
• suburban sprawl consuming greenfield sites at an alarming rate, causing social and economic decline within inner-city areas

The necessity for urban growth is an opportunity to reconfigure English cities and communities and the UTF’s report ‘Towards an Urban Renaissance’ is a comprehensive package championing a holistic approach to urban regeneration.

Location London, England
Type Masterplanning
Date 1996-2000 
Client Local Government
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership