Sextius Mirabeaux

Sextius Mirabeaux

RRP’s masterplan was for a key site which would link the medieval city centre with the new town. Covering an area of 100,000 m², this development - emphasising the importance of public pedestrianised spaces - would provide regeneration for what is a derelict sector of the town, creating:

• a new public centre for Aix
• a new railway / bus station
• a theatre
• hotel / conference centre
• office space
• retail & residential units

The key to the masterplan is a series of core public spaces - piazza, station and flower market - the intent being to provide a strong core of public activity which in turn will create a coherence and clarity for the future development of the town.

Location Aix-en-Provence, France
Type Masterplanning
Dates 1990
Client Dumez Immobilier
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership
Laurie Abbott, Mike Davies, Gianni Franchini, Pascale Gibon, Marco Goldschmied, Lennart Grut, Steve Martin, Richard Rogers, Stephen Spence, Graham Stirk, Andrew Wright, John Young

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