Bordeaux Law Courts

Bordeaux Law Courts - construction

The construction of the law courts utilised twentieth century building and materials technology as well as the knowledge and skills of artisan builders . In order to shape the laminated beam structure, the geometry of the courts was reduced to a simple mathematical equation.

CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings of the structural elements were sized digitally on a computer-controlled cutting machine to produce the complex curves and acoustic perforations of the internal maple-veneered panels.

In contrast, the exterior of the courts, clad in western red cedar strips, were positioned and fixed on site by artisan carpenters to produce the elegant and arresting finished structures.

Delegation of responsibilities and decision making to the client body, unusual for a government project, was the key to a very well organised client and team. The client was involved throughout the design process and provided a number of full-time, well-informed staff to work with the design team. The extensive process of fine-tuning the design was greatly facilitated by the commitment of the client and representatives of the Magistrature.