Hesperia Hotel & Conference Centre

Hesperia Hotel & Conference Centre - Design

The tower is divided into an upper and a lower zone. The lower levels accommodate offices and restaurants, with an open plan arrangement to facilitate flexibility. The upper part of the tower accommodates the hotel, with all rooms commanding spectacular views.

Expression of the major programmatic functions within the design is architecturally expressed through the separation and articulation of each element. The hotel rooms are contained within a floating block, with a gridded facade identifying each room. Below the hotel block, the lower levels of commercial space are identified as a series of double-height floors incorporating mezzanine levels, behind large expanses of clear glazing.

At the lower levels, the expressed structure, consisting of 30 metre-high post-tensioned concrete columns, serves to visually lift the hotel element, while lending an appropriate sense of scale to the composition as a whole. The service elements are separated from the main form of the tower, forming a slender vertical element attached to the short end of the block. These contain two cores, public and private, as well as emergency stairs and service risers. The atrium is topped by a 45 degree glazed roof to identify the entrance to the building as well as creating a dramatic enclosed public space at the base of the building.

The interior fit out is being carried out by Hesperia’s own house architects and follows their corporate style.

The open plan commercial floors are designed to accommodate tenancies of various sizes and configurations.

The separation of the major architectural components lends legibility to the scheme at the macro and micro scale.

Extensive studies including a full shading analysis were carried out in order to create optimum environmental conditions for all of the internal spaces, in particular the extensively glazed atrium and the roof top restaurant.

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