Sheffield City Centre Masterplan

Sheffield City Centre Masterplan

Sheffield, largely created by the prosperity of its manufacturing industries, is once again becoming a centre of commercial activity, driven now by information technology, education, culture and services sectors. Cohesive and dynamic urban regeneration is now recognised as the centrepiece of community and economic regeneration. The city urgently needs an improved physical environment, weaving together existing fractured urban fabric whilst providing new jobs and longterm prosperity. The masterplan’s first target is outdated infrastructure and buildings which are no longer able to meet the needs of new and growing business sectors. A significant proportion of the retail core lacks attractive street level access as seen in other European cities. The plan encourages well-designed buildings and spaces supported by additional financial leverage in order to stimulate new investment.

Its main aim is to revitalise inner-city areas, encouraging residents, businesses and retailers to take advantage of the renewed potential created within the city’s core. The plan offers improved access and circulation, balancing the requirements for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians and those of goods vehicles and private cars.
• strategic transport links
• improved local access – separation of cross-city traffic from core access.

Location Sheffield, England
Type Masterplanning
Date 2000
The Architect Richard Rogers Partnership

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