Waterside - Construction

The main building structure is composed of a reinforced concrete frame consisting of circular columns and rectangular section main beams located around the floorplate, with post-tensioned rib beams spanning between the main beams. Around the perimeter of the larger floorplates, a series of smaller columns support flat slab floorplates. The main frame was designed to be self-stabilising during the construction period, while stability in the building’s permanent condition is achieved by means of a concrete encased steel stability cage which lines the atria and additionally provides lateral restraint for the cores and atrium glazing.

The cores are structural steel, self-supporting towers which take lateral restraint from the main reinforced concrete structure. The substructure takes the form of a reinforced concrete basement consisting of suspended slabs and piled walls to the perimeter, with the whole structure founded on piles. This overall structural solution was considered the most appropriate both because of its compatibility with the dimensional constraints of the site, as well as the reduced requirement for applied fire protection.

The offices (served space) and service towers (servant space) are clearly expressed as separate legible elements. The stairwells with yellow steel stairs and the main scenic lifts are fully glazed and are visible from the interior and exterior of the building.