88 Wood Street

88 Wood Street - Construction

The viability of the construction of a large office building on a severely constrained site depended on the resolution of a number of significant structural problems. The resulting structure is closely integrated into the architecture, which unusually for an office building, has columns set well inside the perimeter, and post-tensioned floors. The optimum structural grid of 15 by 6 metres is achieved by setting the columns 1.5 metres inside the perimeter, therefore minimising the number of low level transfer beams.

The superstructure diagonal bracing is a major architectural feature, appearing on the exterior of the short ends of the three blocks in bays of four storeys high. In contrast, the cores and stairs are stabilised by the building frame but due to the revealing nature of the glazing, again the structural detailing makes a significant contribution to the architecture. Details include pre-tensioned stair flights to stabilise the supporting columns and pre-tensioned rods acting as glazing mullions.

The large floor plates allow for maximum flexibility, and can be subdivided into three separate tenancies, with each tenant still having direct access to lift lobbies, toilet facilities and all mechanical and electrical servicing.