Ashford Designer Retail Outlets

Ashford Designer Retail Outlets - construction

The roof is the longest continuous tent form in the world and required detailed study to establish how it was to be built in relation to other trades involved in the project, as well as ensuring its temporary structural stability for the duration of the construction programme. The structural model for the roof was established by Buro Happold Engineers working in collaboration with RRP. Detailed discussions also influenced the type of cables specified and the nature of the connection details, as well as the specification for the tent-like roof material. The specialist nature of the lightweight roof, a material similar to PVC, meant that the steel fabrication company became part of the team early in the design process.

They were then responsible for the detailed design and fabrication for this significant part of the contract. During the construction, a team of highly trained riggers were employed as part of the tent erection team.

The site remediation strategy formed an important element of the construction programme, and provided a significant challenge for the contractor in terms of soil grading, washing and batching prior to the construction of the continuous landscaped berm. To avoid the cost and environmental impact of removing large quantities of material from the site, significant amounts of soil were re-used. Repetitive cladding details and modular design of the environmental systems also significantly reduced the overall cost of the project.

The client, McArthur Glen were intimately involved in the initial analysis, the development of the brief and the design process.

The entire 12 hectare brownfields site has undergone a thorough process of remediation, allowing soil to be reused in the landscaping, significantly reducing off-site soil removal.

Within a clear and unified organisational structure, the individual retail units are capable of a high degree of flexibility and can respond rapidly to changing retail demands and space requirements.