Chifley Square

8 Chifley - Concept

The initial concept for 8 Chifley Square was to create a series of three storey villages, each providing 2-3000m² of lettable space. Each village can be configured to provide shared meeting spaces and linkages to meet changing requirements and providing a flexible approach to tenancy needs. The aim was to connect people in the workplace, encourage better communication and encourage small working communities
to form.

The north service core faces onto a tall building, shading the office from the worst of the sun and allows an open structure within the office floorplates.  The relatively small floor plate and north core mean all workers have excellent views of Sydney.

The building is raised from the ground, increasing the value of the office space (few people want to lease the lowest levels of towers) creating a five storey public space adjoining Chifley Square as well as a grand entrance to the building. Shops and cafes extend out of the neighbouring lanes into the lower level plaza and the elevated platforms to bring focus and energy to the public realm.