Parc 1, Yeouido

Parc 1 - Concept

The overall concept for Parc 1 is for a complex that will integrate public transport, office space, retail, commercial and hotel accommodation to form a new urban hub in Seoul.

Central to this concept is to establish a series of buildings which will create a hierarchy of public spaces, including tree-lined boulevards and plazas for public events. In addition, the masterplan is organised to respond to views, existing city grain and massing, as well as vehicular access and pedestrian movement.

The office towers face Yeouido Park along the edge of Yeouido Avenue, one of the key arterial routes into the centre of Seoul. This accentuates the existing skyline, and maximises the immediate park views as well as longer-distance views of central Seoul and the mountains beyond.

The towers will be a visible landmark from the main approach route from the airport, giving a sense of arrival and acting as a gateway to the city. Between the two towers is a landscaped sunken plaza providing public access to the shopping mall on the park side.

The retail complex will provide 24/7 public facilities for the new commercial centre. Its scale will mediate between the differing heights of the towers and the hotel, and new boulevards will be formed at its two outer edges. The hotel has been designed as a simple but distinct element which responds to the southern neighbourhood of the site. It also provides an architectural setting for the retail plaza.

The site, in a prominent situation, along a major route between Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul, has the potential of forming a gateway into Seoul. Well served by public transport the development will be sandwiched between the Yeouido commercial area and local residential areas.