Tower Bridge House

Tower Bridge House - Completed

Tower Bridge House was completed in late 2005. Although it was designed as a speculative office building, the scheme is nevertheless energy efficient. High performance glass façades and fixed horizontal aluminium louvres (on the south and east façades) combine to significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption. These improve the quality of the office space by regulating the solar gain from the glass façades and allowing daylight into the building.

The scheme provides seven floors of office accommodation, an underground service level with loading bay, one floor of retail provision accessible from the new dockside piazza, and a large full-height atrium. The floor plates are column-free, and serviced from cores situated at the corners of the building and a central core. This makes them flexible for the changing needs of future tenants. The possibility of multiple tenants has been planned for - the building can be split up into up to four separate tenancies.

Jonathan Watmough, Managing Partner at RPC - tenant at Tower Bridge House - said "We have been around since 1898 but we actually feel like a six year old firm. We were reborn in 2006 when we decided to not be a typical law firm and embrace new ways of working. We were in two separate and outdated buildings and we knew there was no way we could up our game if we didn’t improve our environment. We’ve certainly done that with beautiful offices in St Katharine Docks designed by Richard Rogers; they’re a world apart from the rabbit hutch environment we used to be in.

With new surroundings, we think and work differently. Unlike most law firms, we’re completely open plan which helps us to collaborate, and learn from each other. We've also given over the best space to our staff Café, as a shared meeting space where we encourage conversation and help people build bonds with colleagues. It’s a transformation that wouldn’t have been possible had we not taken the bold step to move to an inspiring new building.”

Tower Bridge House is a striking addition to the area, linking the historic to the modern successfully and providing high quality office space in a very central location.

The office building has been designed to minimise energy use from lighting and air conditioning, by using natural light and heat, modified by external louvres as much as possible.

A small piazza was created between the building and the dock, to add to the pedestrianised space. Retail accommodation draws people into the lively dock area.

The column-free floor-plates allow for maximum flexibility. They can be sub-divided into four separate tenancies each having access to the lift lobby and toilet accommodation.

Tower Bridge House provides a visual link between the historic dock areas and the City of London. The modern all glass façade is built to the same proportions as the warehouse buildings. Its entrance façade is angled to face the Tower of London.

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